Rumble City is a game of hot rod combat. It is free to print, copy, distribute etc. Send me an email at gadjogadjo(at)hotmail(dot)com if you wish to comment privately, or if you want me to post a picture of your car, or art, or your rules adjusment, or scenario, or play report, or whatever really.

Or, just comment on the posts.

And yes, it's very similar to other car combat games, but it is also quite simple, free, and fun. You can play at whatever scale you like. Or almost no scale.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some Rumble City Drawings

In case you* think I have stopped working on Rumble City, well, here are some drawings I did, hugely inspired by the medieval one shown first. I am rewriting the game at the moment, but that always takes me a long time.

*you being maybe that one person who might have read the game or played it.


  1. That's some Mighty Capital art you have there, Sir! Will it be available somehwere?
    Makes one wish to kitbash some fantasy racers from bits of Warhammer!

    1. The art will be part of the rewrite of Rumble City (recent still rough version of the game is on the left as a free pdf, quite flawed but still playable and fun)
      And kitbashing warhammer, hotwheels, plasticville, whatever you can get your hands on is the idea. If you kitbash some Warhammer I would love to see photos.

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