Rumble City is a game of hot rod combat. It is free to print, copy, distribute etc. Send me an email at gadjogadjo(at)hotmail(dot)com if you wish to comment privately, or if you want me to post a picture of your car, or art, or your rules adjusment, or scenario, or play report, or whatever really.

Or, just comment on the posts.

And yes, it's very similar to other car combat games, but it is also quite simple, free, and fun. You can play at whatever scale you like. Or almost no scale.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Rat on his steed


  1. I think I'll soon have to ask you if I can put a copy of one of your pieces on my motorcycle helmet! I'm enjoying these immensely and if you have any more of your artwork to put up here then by all means please do so. Also, if you need someone to write the fluff/background for your game, drop me a line at luka_jare (at) hotmail for details and references.

    1. I have a Tumblr