Rumble City is a game of hot rod combat. It is free to print, copy, distribute etc. Send me an email at gadjogadjo(at)hotmail(dot)com if you wish to comment privately, or if you want me to post a picture of your car, or art, or your rules adjusment, or scenario, or play report, or whatever really.

Or, just comment on the posts.

And yes, it's very similar to other car combat games, but it is also quite simple, free, and fun. You can play at whatever scale you like. Or almost no scale.

Thursday, October 2, 2014



  1. That remembers me of a silly anecdote. The 3-4 times I played Rumble City, I used the same car and crew, and there was a berserker who fell off the car as many times as enemies he killed. For some reason I started calling him "Gérard Depardieu" and crying "Vous allez mourir!" every time I made him jump.

  2. I guess that drawing kinda, if you squint your eyes, looks a little like a skinny Gerard Depardieu.

    Same crew and character? That's great. And naming him Gerard Depardieu is funny and seems really appropiate for some reason.